a novel about the other novel

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Making of "The next Ai-poca-lips"


There was this mountain. A huge mountain. Bigger than any other mountain in the whole planet. Suddenly, the mountain became a huge hole. The same sized mountain, but it was now an abism. And it was growing wider and deeper. By the hour.

cregox was walking on that little blue Earth like planet, and stumbled upon that mountain (before it became a hole). Being a very experienced climber, bored with the other mountains he had found in that planet, right on the minute he saw it he thought to himself "I need to climb it!".

He started running to its direction, and saw lots of people walking there, unprepared. Some were climbing some mountains on the way, but cregox was going straight to THE MOUNTAIN. Let's call it B.A.S.I.U.X.'s mountain. Or simply Menny (from Benevolent, Benny). Suddenly, he was alone. He stopped running and started to walk.

On the way there, he saw a village called Portugal. He got lots of refreshments there and continued the trip, now running solo again. On the way, someone shouted "Look at that mountain" and he heard it from far away. He stopped running, went that side, saw a group, fully equipped, with spacex's tools among many other amazing gadgets. He knew their equipment very well, as the whole world did.

- Can I join you guys? - he asked

- Are you a certified expert?

- No, I learned all by myself, resourceless. But here, look all the cool toys I've done and all those mountains I've climbed.

- Any renowned mountain?

- I don't know. Probably not.

- Sorry, no time for that. We're moving now.

And they went away.

cregox kept runnin his way. Later that day, he went back to the village, a bit devastated. It's such a tall moutain it's hard to even get close to it.

The next day, the mountain was gone. It became the hole. The other team was still going in its direction, as if nothing have changed. They didn't know it was a mountain the day before. It was as if only cregox knew.

Okay, maybe that's a terrible analogy. This is actually a meta story to explain how the novel came to reality, and how its progress is going. The idea to make this "making of" as a story came when I wanted to explain basiux to a friend, and she didn't know who Elon Musk, spacex or tesla was. And the scenario quickly morphed from a mountain to a hole when I asked my wife where she would be in the story. She said she wasn't. But she is. One of the only ones on cregox's team.

I thought I could make the story into a cregox's dream, since the perception of how the project is being built is all in the author's head. But well, for now, this is good enough! :)

The hole was getting bigger, and cregox knew it wouldn't take long before everyone would fall into it.

The hole is the tech singularity, by the way. I know stories shouldn't have explanations, but a making of should. And that's the whole point here. Just an analogy to make the making of story clearer and more interesting.

Intermission - How an idea is born

Now, I think I'll need to re-think a lot of the story. The elements I want to add here are these: I was surfing the web, saw IFLscience bringing up sex education, I brought up monty python, youtube gave me 12 links about sex, 1 about Balas & Bolinhos and this one completely unrelated about spheres that I recall have seen in the past but not sure I understood it back then as I did now. Matter is, at some level, exactly like that sphere's material - it can go through. Metals and solids can't, but liquid other states sure do. This could bring a great visual scientific and philosophical effect into the main story!! :)

Another element for the next chapter would be explaining / expanding the hole analogy and how I'm not trying to climb it down anymore for now (building Mariox will be just about fixing a few bugs right now). I am, instead, trying to alert everyone of it (writing the novel / church of tech meetups). So, this is how I would call the next chapter here in the making of:


A bible

inspired by life of brian, of course, the comedy aspect could be about mind-time-traveling into the bible writings times and how it was done like we make good movies today - script writing and storytelling.

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