HTPC Dashboard to load website services, written in PHP
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HTPC Dashboard to load website services, written in PHP [Inspired by: Managethis by Tenzinn3] Desktop screenshot

Default Password is "iCauseFX"


Requirements: A webserver (nginx, Apache, IIS or any other webserver) configured with PHP5.5 support. parse_ini_file must be allowed in php.ini (default is allowed!)

  • To set it up, clone this repository: git clone or download the ZIP-file.
  • Place all files on a publically accessible webserver, either directly in the root, or inside a directory called Dashboard or whatever you want it to be called. Please set the correct user permissions on the directory and it's files.


Upload all contents of zip or git pull the zip into the folder you want to have this on your webserver. Set the correct file permission on the files.

Open up the index.php file once everything is uploaded. The script will install and copy the default template over.

Now you can goto settings [Password is iCauseFX] and change the tabs to whatever you like in whatever order and change your password.

Once the cookie expires you will need to login again

If you aren't logged in you or any guest will only see your guest enabled tabs

Thank you to those who helped test... especially

[Thank you: Codehhh by Mmolitor87]


Guest View Desktop screenshot

Login View Desktop screenshot

Full Access View Desktop screenshot

Settings View Desktop screenshot

No Icons or Margins with blue theme Desktop screenshot

Icons with red theme Desktop screenshot

Mobile View ![Desktop screenshot]( width="48")

Mobile List View ![Desktop screenshot]( width="200")