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Buffet is a test distribution framework for Ruby applications. It distributes your tests across multiple worker machines and runs them in parallel, which significantly speeds up the testing cycle.


Install: gem install buffet-gem


Run buffet from the command line at the top level of your application.

Buffet expects to find a buffet.yml file in the same directory which tells it about the project being tested and what machines it should run on. If you want to specify a different configuration file, use the --config switch.

Buffet also allows you to specify a name for the project using the --project switch. This switch is intended to allow multiple runs of the same project from the same master user, since the project name is used as a namespace to prevent resource contention.


If you have a database or other set-up that needs to be prepared before every test you can create a bin/before-buffet-run script in your application's folder which makes the necessary preparations (you can customize which file to use by specifying the prepare_script setting in buffet.yml).

Note that bin/before-buffet-run is executed separately from the actual test running process, so e.g. environment variables will not be preserved. To customize the test running environment, you can use the worker_command setting. To set up a specific RVM environment, for example, you could use:

worker_command: rvm use 1.9.3 && .buffet/buffet-worker

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