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A PowerShell module for working with Zabbix Templates


To use this module from within the Zabbix agent, is must be loaded by default for all users. This means you can't load the module using a profile script or from a particular user's Documents directory.

  • Create the following directory: $PSHome\Modules\ZabbixTemplates

  • Build the Release configuration of the module library using Visual Studio 2016

  • Copy the following files directly into the created Modules directory:

    • bin/Release/ZabbixTemplates.dll
    • ZabbixTemplates.psd1
  • Open a new PowerShell session and test that the module is loaded correctly with:

    > Get-Module -Name ZabbixTemplates

Zabbix agent configuration

Any Zabbix Templates generated with Export-CounterSetToZabbixTemplate requires the perf_counter.discovery user parameter key if the template includes discovery rules.

This key is currently not built in to the Zabbix Windows agent. See Zabbix feature request ZBXNEXT-2247 for more information.

To enable the required keys, first install this module on any agent system you wish to monitor. Then add the following User Parameter to the Zabbix agent configuration file on the same systems:

UserParameter=perf_counter.discovery[*],%systemroot%\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0\powershell.exe -NoLogo -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "Get-CounterSetInstances -CounterSet $1 | ConvertTo-ZabbixDiscovery"

Test the configuration using zabbix_get:

$ zabbix_get -s -k perf_counter.discovery[LogicalDisk]