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package grab
import (
var (
// ErrBadLength indicates that the server response or an existing file does
// not match the expected content length.
ErrBadLength = errors.New("bad content length")
// ErrBadChecksum indicates that a downloaded file failed to pass checksum
// validation.
ErrBadChecksum = errors.New("checksum mismatch")
// ErrNoFilename indicates that a reasonable filename could not be
// automatically determined using the URL or response headers from a server.
ErrNoFilename = errors.New("no filename could be determined")
// ErrNoTimestamp indicates that a timestamp could not be automatically
// determined using the response headers from the remote server.
ErrNoTimestamp = errors.New("no timestamp could be determined for the remote file")
// ErrFileExists indicates that the destination path already exists.
ErrFileExists = errors.New("file exists")
// StatusCodeError indicates that the server response had a status code that
// was not in the 200-299 range (after following any redirects).
type StatusCodeError int
func (err StatusCodeError) Error() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("server returned %d %s", err, http.StatusText(int(err)))
// IsStatusCodeError returns true if the given error is of type StatusCodeError.
func IsStatusCodeError(err error) bool {
_, ok := err.(StatusCodeError)
return ok
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