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package grab
import (
// Response represents the response to a completed or in-progress download
// request.
// A response may be returned as soon a HTTP response is received from a remote
// server, but before the body content has started transferring.
// All Response method calls are thread-safe.
type Response struct {
// The Request that was submitted to obtain this Response.
Request *Request
// HTTPResponse represents the HTTP response received from an HTTP request.
// The response Body should not be used as it will be consumed and closed by
// grab.
HTTPResponse *http.Response
// Filename specifies the path where the file transfer is stored in local
// storage.
Filename string
// Size specifies the total expected size of the file transfer.
Size int64
// Start specifies the time at which the file transfer started.
Start time.Time
// End specifies the time at which the file transfer completed.
// This will return zero until the transfer has completed.
End time.Time
// CanResume specifies that the remote server advertised that it can resume
// previous downloads, as the 'Accept-Ranges: bytes' header is set.
CanResume bool
// DidResume specifies that the file transfer resumed a previously incomplete
// transfer.
DidResume bool
// Done is closed once the transfer is finalized, either successfully or with
// errors. Errors are available via Response.Err
Done chan struct{}
// ctx is a Context that controls cancelation of an inprogress transfer
ctx context.Context
// cancel is a cancel func that can be used to cancel the context of this
// Response.
cancel context.CancelFunc
// fi is the FileInfo for the destination file if it already existed before
// transfer started.
fi os.FileInfo
// optionsKnown indicates that a HEAD request has been completed and the
// capabilities of the remote server are known.
optionsKnown bool
// writer is the file handle used to write the downloaded file to local
// storage
writer io.WriteCloser
// bytesCompleted specifies the number of bytes which were already
// transferred before this transfer began.
bytesResumed int64
// transfer is responsible for copying data from the remote server to a local
// file, tracking progress and allowing for cancelation.
transfer *transfer
// bufferSize specifies the size in bytes of the transfer buffer.
bufferSize int
// Error contains any error that may have occurred during the file transfer.
// This should not be read until IsComplete returns true.
err error
// IsComplete returns true if the download has completed. If an error occurred
// during the download, it can be returned via Err.
func (c *Response) IsComplete() bool {
select {
case <-c.Done:
return true
return false
// Cancel cancels the file transfer by canceling the underlying Context for
// this Response. Cancel blocks until the transfer is closed and returns any
// error - typically context.Canceled.
func (c *Response) Cancel() error {
return c.Err()
// Wait blocks until the download is completed.
func (c *Response) Wait() {
// Err blocks the calling goroutine until the underlying file transfer is
// completed and returns any error that may have occurred. If the download is
// already completed, Err returns immediately.
func (c *Response) Err() error {
return c.err
// BytesComplete returns the total number of bytes which have been copied to
// the destination, including any bytes that were resumed from a previous
// download.
func (c *Response) BytesComplete() int64 {
return c.bytesResumed + c.transfer.N()
// BytesPerSecond returns the number of bytes per second transferred using a
// simple moving average of the last five seconds. If the download is already
// complete, the average bytes/sec for the life of the download is returned.
func (c *Response) BytesPerSecond() float64 {
if c.IsComplete() {
return float64(c.transfer.N()) / c.Duration().Seconds()
return c.transfer.BPS()
// Progress returns the ratio of total bytes that have been downloaded. Multiply
// the returned value by 100 to return the percentage completed.
func (c *Response) Progress() float64 {
if c.Size == 0 {
return 0
return float64(c.BytesComplete()) / float64(c.Size)
// Duration returns the duration of a file transfer. If the transfer is in
// process, the duration will be between now and the start of the transfer. If
// the transfer is complete, the duration will be between the start and end of
// the completed transfer process.
func (c *Response) Duration() time.Duration {
if c.IsComplete() {
return c.End.Sub(c.Start)
return time.Now().Sub(c.Start)
// ETA returns the estimated time at which the the download will complete, given
// the current BytesPerSecond. If the transfer has already completed, the actual
// end time will be returned.
func (c *Response) ETA() time.Time {
if c.IsComplete() {
return c.End
bt := c.BytesComplete()
bps := c.transfer.BPS()
if bps == 0 {
return time.Time{}
secs := float64(c.Size-bt) / bps
return time.Now().Add(time.Duration(secs) * time.Second)
func (c *Response) requestMethod() string {
if c == nil || c.HTTPResponse == nil || c.HTTPResponse.Request == nil {
return ""
return c.HTTPResponse.Request.Method
func (c *Response) closeResponseBody() error {
if c.HTTPResponse == nil || c.HTTPResponse.Body == nil {
return nil
return c.HTTPResponse.Body.Close()
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