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remove note about broken Culerity from README

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@@ -154,9 +154,7 @@ Capybara is hosted on Gemcutter, install it with:
== Gotchas:
* Install JRuby and the 'celerity' gem, version 0.7.4 (0.7.5 has a bug with
- password fields) under JRuby for Culerity support. Also you'll need to install
- teh edge version of Culerity until a new gem release becomes available, since
- 0.2.3 does not work (at all!) with Capybara.
+ password fields) under JRuby for Culerity support.
* Everything is *case sensitive*. Capybara heavily relies on XPath, which
doesn't support case insensitive searches.

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