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Generators don't appear to work anymore in Rails 2 #21

texel opened this Issue · 6 comments

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I'm using Bundler with Rails 2.3.9, and though it installs the steak dependency without issue, the generators don't seem to be recognized by my app. I had a peek at the steak code, and it doesn't appear that there are any Rails 2 generators in the gem. If that's the case, it's fine (a bit annoying, but totally understandable)... but you might want to update the documentation to reflect it.


How it is steak declared in your Gemfile? Make sure it is under group :development, :test do as is explained in the docs for Rails 3.

There are generators for Rails 2 and they should with bundler, so let me know if you still have problems.


The dependency is declared correctly. It looks like the problem is that, at least in my version of the gem, the /generators folder is missing entirely. Not sure exactly what caused that, as the git ls-files -z`.split("\0") should take care of any stragglers. Ideas?


Could you check in your Gemfile.lock file which version of Steak are you using?


steak (1.0.0.rc.1)

Not only that, but I explicitly installed the 1.0.0.rc.1 gem in my local gems, just to take a look at it. No generators folder :(


Right, Rails 2 generators weren't properly packed in the gem. It's fixed now. Just upgrade to rc.2. Cheers!


Adding missing Rails 2 generators to the Gem. Closed by 837d746

This issue was closed.
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