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Browser extension to replace web page timestamps with the Holocene Epoch Timestamp ("2019 CE" becomes "12019 HE")
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Holocene Epoch Timestamp

Browser extension to add the Holocene Epoch timestamp before or after the timestamps read from the webpage (or replace them).

The Holocene Epoch sets the first year of the "recent" epoch 10,000 years before the first Anno Domini (1 AD) for a better grasping of the development of the human civilization. The proposal was advanced by Cesare Emiliani in 1993 (see more in the What is the Holocene Epoch? section below).


  • "1 Aug. 2019" can become "1 Aug. 2019 [12019 HE]";
  • "399 BC" can become "/9602 HE/ 399 BC";
  • "10 Sep. 259 BC" can become "10 Sep. 9742 HE".

HET on Wikipedia


Julius Caesar's Wikipedia page with default settings on HET.


Isaac Newton's Early Life Wikipedia page with the Holocene Epoch timestamp inserted between nothing, HE mark removed, and webpage timestamps replaced by the HE timestamp.

HET Options


Options Menu


Pop-up Menu

What is the Holocene Epoch?

Holocene Epoch Wiki
Holocene Calendar Wiki
Emiliani’s Proposal
Kurzgesagt’s Summary
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