Kiwi.JS is to be the WordPress of HTML5 game game engines! Our focus is damn fast WebGL and Mobile rendering!
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Kiwi.JS 0.7

Kiwi.JS is the worlds easiest to use Open Source HTML5 game framework for making both mobile and desktop browser games. Our focus is blazingly fast WebGL and Canvas rendering. Our mission is to foster an open source community and democratize game creation!!

Visit our homepage for more information about using Kiwi.JS to build your next game, on our site you'll find plenty of examples and tutorials to get you started.

##What's new in Kiwi.JS 0.7?

  • This release includes numerous WebGL rewrites, bug fixes and optimisations which greatly improve stability and extensibility.
  • Works with Cocoon/WebGL combination - tested on iPad2 and numerous Android devices
  • Streamlined sprite rendering shader
  • The build now includes gl-matrix.js (minified version) so there is no longer a need to include this manually
  • A typescript linter task has been added to the grunt file - thanks ellisonleao

##Welcome to Kiwi.JS!!

  • An open source HTML5 game framework for game creation
  • Targeting native mobile apps as well as both desktop and mobile browsers
  • WebGL and 2D Canvas rendering
  • Support for Cocoon.JS as a native mobile app deployment solution


  • GPLv2

Supporters of the MIT Licence rejoice! In coming weeks Kiwi.JS 1.0 will be released and available for download, we will make available versions of Kiwi.JS that are licended under the more permissive MIT Licence and the GPLv2 License.


  • State Management
  • Extensible game objects (such as sprites)
  • Entity/Component system
  • 2D Canvas
  • 2D WebGL rendering
  • Target Cocoon.js
  • Full nested display list
  • Tween Engine (based on Tween.js)
  • Signals
  • Spritesheets, Texture Atlases and Tilemaps
  • Multitouch support
  • Geometry Utilities
  • Plugin System
  • Arcade Physics
  • File Management and loading
  • Clocks and Timers


Kiwi.js is currently using Typescript 9.0.1 Either - use Visual Studio/TS extension. There are csproj files for both the main project and also the examples. Or - use the grunt file. This requires installing node.js, and the grunt CLI package.

The csproj and grunt compilation methods both output a single kiwi.js file in /build Grunt will also create a min.js version and also output a kiwi.d.ts definition file in /build as well


We'd love you to get involved in making the Kiwi.JS library. If you'd like to contribute please get in touch, fork/clone the repo and have a dig around. Make pull requests on the dev branch.

##Core Contributors

Ben Harding
Richard Davey
Ross Kettle

Kiwi.JS also uses code from a number of open source projects. Effort has been made to clearly identify authors in the code comments. If you notice and missing or incorrect attribution please let us know.