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Zing Chart Plugin

This plugin allows you to easily integrate Zing Charts ( into your Grails projects.

To use the plugin, you must have the javascript include in your HTML header:

  <zing:include />

In the body where you want the chart to appear, use the taglib provided:

<zing:chart type="area" width="700" height="350" container="acceptToConvertChart" data="${data}" xLabels="${labels}" effect="4" />
  • type - Type of chart. See for available types (ie. 'area' or 'bar3d')
  • width - Display width of the chart
  • height* - Display height of the chart
  • container - element ID of the chart container (div)
  • data - Hash Map of data. Key is the name of the data, value is an array of values. See below for examples
  • xLabels - Array of labels
  • effect - Animation effect. See for available effects

Example Data

def labels = ['Sun', 'Mon', 'Tue', 'Wed', 'Thu', 'Fri', 'Sat']
def data = [
  'Visitors': [100, 300, 200, 240, 500, 100, 80],
  'Purchases': [30, 50, 12, 20, 55, 20, 10]
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