Do you know the size of your website? How many megabytes/gigabytes?
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Folder size

Do you know the size of your website? How many megabytes/gigabytes? Do you know how many disk space take all your .zip files? your images? Which folder is the biggest one?

All these questions and more will find an answer with the folder_size.php script.

Table of Contents


Just copy the folder_size.php script in the folder you want to analyze (the root folder f.i.). Use your FTP client to do this.

  1. Get a raw version of the script: click on the raw button or go to this URL:
  2. On your computer, start a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++ and copy/paste there the code
  3. Save the file (if you're using Notepad++, check in the Encoding menu that you've selected UTF8 NoBom as encoding)
  4. Put the saved file in the folder of your choice


Start a browser and run the file i.e go to f.i. http://site/folder_size.php.

The script will start immediately, there is nothing to do except wait until the results are displayed.

Don't forget to remove the script once you've finished with it.

Folder size