A set of php scripts that will probably be useful to you in your life as a webmaster, including, for example, check_db (for quickly check your Joomla's configuration), kill_db_tables for removing tables based on a prefix, ...
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Some scripts and snippets to simplify your tasks Joomla

In this repository, you'll find a few scripts that I've written for my own use. Perhaps one of these scripts will be useful for you too.



Display a nice bootstrap images carousel on your Joomla website. This script is straightforward : put images in a folder of your website and add just one line in your Joomla's article to get the carousel.

Easy way to display a carousel on any Joomla website. Use Bootstrap, ReReplacer and Sourcerer of Register Labs.

go to album_photo


Quickly check if your database is up and running and obtain the list of tables (and number of records in each of them.

check_db.php will retrieve the database's configuration from your Joomla's configuration.php file and will establish a connection with your server. In case of failure, you'll obtain technical informations about the encountered error.

go to check_db


Want a very easy way to take a dump of your Joomla's database ? Don't want to enter to your admin or hosting cpanel ? Perhaps you don't have such access (just FTP and nothing else).

The dump_db.php script will generate an extract of your database and immediatly send it to the browser (there is no file generated on the server).

go to dump_db


Want a fast way to clean your database ?

kill_db_tables.php will display the list of tables found in your database and, thanks to a filtering, you'll define a pattern like f.i. "backup" for matching every tables with that word in their names. Then, after confirmation, the script will remove these tables from your db.

go to kill_db_tables



Small implementation of a FTP connection to retrieve and download a file from an another server. You can use this file to, for instance, download a big file from one FTP to an another without, first, download the file on your computer.

go to ftp_get


Christophe Avonture | https://www.avonture.be