Remove VBA password required for viewing code in MS Office documents
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Remove password on viewing VBA source code

Remove password on viewing VBA source code on MS Office documents


This PHP script will allow you to reset and then remove the password needed for viewing VBA source code on MS Office documents.

Table of Contents


This script has been coded by AyrA. Original source code can be found here


Get a copy of the index.php script, save it on your localhost server and access to the script from within your browser (like http://localhost/vba_decrypt/index.php)


  1. Access to http://localhost/vba_decrypt/index.php or any other location where you've saved the script.
  2. Follow instructions displayed on screen i.e. a. Upload the Office protected document b. Click on the Decrypt VBA button c. Open the downloaded file, the "almost" unprotected copy of your file d. Ignore the alerts by answering Yes to Do you want to continue to open the file? e. Go to the protection tab and type a new password (test / test f.i.) and click on OK. This will in fact reset the password. f. Go once more to the protection tab and just uncheck the Lock project for viewing

Tadaaaa, the VBA password protection has been reset and removed.