Outlook macro to save a selected item in the pdf-format
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Outlook - Save selected email as PDF

Outlook macro to save a selected item in the pdf-format


Select an email from withing your Outlook client, click on a custom button of your ribbon and save the email in a specific folder of your hard disk.

Table of Contents


Get a copy of the module.bas VBA code and copy it into your Outlook client.

  • Press ALT-F11 in Outlook to open the Visual Basic Editor (aka VBE) window.
  • Create a new module and copy/paste the content of the module.bas file that you can found in this repository
  • Close the VBE
  • Right-click on your Outlook ribbon to customize it so you can add a new button. Assign the SaveAsPDFfile subroutine to that button.

Note :

  • Requires Word 2007 SP2 or Word 2010
  • Requires a reference to "Microsoft Word Object Library" (version is 12.0 or 14.0)

To add them, in the VBE window, click on the Tools then References


Original author : Robert Sparnaaij Modified by : Christophe Avonture