BGP Praser is an extensible MRT BGP message parser implemented in C++
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BGP Parser Library Readme 
BGP Praser is an extensible MRT BGP message parser implemented in C++. 

Library Use
The purpose of this library is to parser MRT messages.

Currently three types of messages are supported.
12 - Table dump
13 - Table dump v2
16 - BGP4MP
(the MRT format is at
Details of supported subtypes which are handled can be viewed in the 
inc/MRTStructure.h file.

The MRTCommonHeader.h file contains the structure for the outermost layer of
a MRT message.  The static interface function, newMessage, is used to parse 
through the given message, and generate the appropriate message structure. Each 
structure then contains the appropriate getter functions to retrieve any 
specific information that is desired.  For instance, initially, one would use 
getType() on the MRTMessage returned from calling newMessage in order to 
determine the type of the incoming message. 

For handling just BGP Message data, the BGPCommonHeader.h defines a similar 
newMessage function that can be used in a similar fashion. The appropriate 
getters for each field are defined in all derived classes, which retrieve any 
data which is initially parsed from creating the structure.

Example Application
Note that the purpose of this library is merely to parser each *individual* MRT 
message efficently and correctly. For a given MRT file, users are required to 
extract each MRT message before using the library.

For demo purpose, an example program 'mrt2xml' is also included, which takes a 
BGP MRT file as an input, uses the library to parses it, and outputs the parsed 
data in xml format.  
The explanation of the xml format could be obtained at