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DHCP group:
DHCP port: 60006
DHCP prefix: ccnx:/local/dhcp
DHCP content name: ccnx:/local/dhcp/content
DHCP configuration file: specified by -f parameter, or ./ccn_dhcp.config by default

configuration format:
#prefix gateway(ip address/machine name) port. e.g.,
ccnx:/0 mario 9695

DHCP Server:
1. Join DHCP group
    1) join multicast group
    2) create a new face towards the DHCP group and port (the new face uses UDP)
    3) bind DHCP prefix to this new face
2. Send DHCP content to local ccnd
    1) read DHCP configuration file (all entries of the config file are sent to the requesting node in one message)
    2) construct DHCP entries into a ccnx message (with DHCP content name) and send to local ccnd (a new entry "CCN_DTAG_DHCPContent = 115" is added to enum ccn_dtag)

DHCP Client:
1. Join DHCP group (the same as DHCP server)
2. Get DHCP content from DHCP server, parse the message into forwarding entries
3. For each forwarding entry (with prefix, host and port):
    1) create a new face to the host and port (the new face uses UDP)
    2) bind the prefix to the face

ccndhcpserver [-f config_file]

multicast needs to be enabled. it is turned on by default by linux kernel.
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