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v0.6.0 -- Types

@barakmich barakmich released this Sep 27, 2016 · 80 commits to master since this release

Current release marks community build number two, introducing major change to data layout and bringing new features to Gremlin.

Storage format changed slightly. We highly recommend to do a clean import of the database with a new binary.

Cayley now honors types of nquad values. IRIs (<name>) were converted to untyped strings (name), so it was possible for nodes with different types to be loaded as a single node. Now Cayley preserves type information, making these nodes separate. Queries that used IRIs without <> quotes will break because of this change. Gremlin now requires IRI it to be in "<follows>" form and the path lib expect these values to be of quad.IRI Go type. The same stands for Strings (aka RDF literals) and BNodes (aka blank nodes, _:name).

Data loader now recognizes few basic typed literals like "10"^^<> and converts them into corresponding native type (Int for this example). It may also affect existing queries. Gremlin will automatically convert basic types into corresponding RDF typed literals.


  • Typed values support for all backends. Includes types: String, IRI, BNode, Int, Float, Bool, Time.
  • New traversals in path lib and Gremlin: HasReverse, Skip, Limit, Count, Unique, Comparison/Filter, Regex.
  • More consistent backends behavior thanks to unified tests.
  • Updated docs and added examples.
  • Updated Docker image, and added example for it.
  • Many, many bugfixes and some optimizations.

Full changelog:

gabrys: Fix link to (#477)
dennwc: expose Unique via path lib and gremlin; implement and expose Count iterator; resolve #240
dennwc: gremlin: add regex support, make it harder to abuse regexps; add docs explaining why
guycook: Implement regex filter as iterator (#474)
dennwc: bolt,leveldb: fix AllQuads iterator not skipping deleted quads, add test
dennwc: iterator: add variadic arguments to Add, Or and Fixed constructors
dennwc: query: Refactor interfaces (#471)
dennwc: fix lru panic
wayeast: Clone receiver paths (#466)
kenshaw: appengine: updating dependency paths and adding documentation (#464)
dennwc: gremlin: handle string slice in via parameter
kenshaw: appengine: add build constraint (#463)
dennwc: Glide migration (#460)
dwhitena: user/pass functionality for mongo backend
allanino: Fix Docker building (#456)
barakmich: gremlin: don't require a session to last as long as the timeout
kris-runzer: graph: fix Is*(err error) checkers to properly compare against *DeltaError, add tests
dennwc: optimize by default in Iterate helper
dennwc: gremlin: clone path objects
neonstalwart: simplify the signature of NextLogOut (manual merge of #264)
dennwc: graph: add iteration helpers, update examples; resolves #446
dennwc: http: fix json quads decoding
dennwc: gremlin: fix ToArray without arguments
dennwc: iterator: promote Next to main interface; make NoNext an optional interface
oren: Example of BoltDB, update examples/
robertmeta: Just better quickstart + examples creation
dennwc: query: check type assertions, recover properly in gremlin; fixes #450
josephschorr: Add Clone() to Path for easier reuse of Path segments (#444)
dennwc: Wire Skip and Limit to Gremlin. Also fixed #254.
dennwc: postgres: store hashes as binary data instead of hex strings
dennwc: postgres: prepare each statement in ApplyDeltas
dennwc: postgres: generate distinct node insert statements only
dennwc: cquads: convert TypedString values to native types automatically on loading
dennwc: gremlin: allow to specify multiple conditions in Filter
dennwc: mongo: optimize comparison iterator
dennwc: Test for typed value comparison and optimization
dennwc: gremlin: expose value comparison iterator via path lib, add tests
dennwc: gremlin: support for typed values
dennwc: gremlin: replace JS-based graph object with reflect-based (rewritten, now it's easier extend)
dennwc: comparison: compare only values with the same type, add a test for mixed set
dennwc: mongo: use native value types where possible, fix indexing, remove recursion in LinksTo, remove unnecessary roundtrip
dennwc: postgres: new table structure, store typed values natively; fix iterators; separate LRU cache
dennwc: Update value comparison iterator. Stop graph.Value madness.
dennwc: cquads: recognize TypedString and LangString in parser
dennwc: Add a test for Raw-to-typed values exchange. Fix memstore not using hashes in map.
dennwc: GAE (untyped). More tests. Fixed handling of size and conflicts in postgres.
dennwc: quad: add support for few basic types (int, float, bool, time)
dennwc: Unify tests for QuadStore. Run Mongo/Postgres in Docker automatically.
dennwc: leveldb: use protobuf instead of json, migration code
dennwc: bolt: migration code
dennwc: add typed fields to protobufs
dennwc: graph,query,exporter,path: updated to use typed values
dennwc: quad: directions are typed
kortschak: graph: provide more meaningful errors for bad actions (#443)
josephschorr: Don't iterate over all quads unless necessary (#440)
kortschak: clog: fix comment typos and add package comment (#442)
dennwc: Implement Skip and Limit iterators (#369)
EntilZha: Delete node API (#158)
dennwc: Updated Dockerfile (fixed #357)
dennwc: fix Unique iterator for non-comparable tokens; fixes #437
kortschak: clog: make nil Logger safe (#436)
robertmeta: Sweep through docs update/cleanup
oren: remove duplicate in readme (#435)
dennwc: fix postgres error on import, fixes #429
dennwc: Added HasReverse function to path lib (#351)
drzippie: Added sync.RWMutex to mongo cache  (#380)
robertmeta: Update docs (README, Locations, Quickstart-As-Lib, Quickstart-As-Application, HACKING, FAQ, Container)
robertmeta Rerouting CONTRIBUTING to the discourse, updating CONTRIBUTORS to remove mention of CLA
robertmeta: Moving Hacking from wiki to project
dennwc: separate log package, resolves #221


v0.5.0 -- SQL, Labels, and Community

@barakmich barakmich released this Mar 23, 2016 · 248 commits to master since this release

We've spun out of the google namespace, so this is community build number one. There's some good chatter in IRC and places, and expect some notes in the mailing list soon. The project isn't dead, it was just resting.

Now that we can add contributors, it's time to tag and build a release as a baseline. There may be some turbulence as some longstanding changes get merged over the next version or two, so before we do that, here are some binaries for people to try out the latest.


  • Postgres/SQL backend support
  • Add support for LabelContext() to query the Label field across Quads
  • SaveOptional()
  • Many, many bugfixes

Full changelog:

barakmich: Add SaveOptional() to save predicates if they exist, and add the
dennwc: path: Added SaveOptional
dennwc: Fix interface conversion in Gremlin
barakmich: fix build on 1.6 -- more accurate interface conversion
josephschorr: Make call to `Sprintf` lazy
barakmich: query/gremlin, graph/path: Add support for querying with labels
Quentin-M: Fix NPE in SQL initialization
jzelinskie: dockerfile: fix go install command
jzelinskie: initial Dockerfile
barakmich: graph: make quadstore init functions idempotent
barakmich: Update README to mention Postgres and remove unused trello board
jzelinskie: add Triple function
Quentin-M: Fix SLOW DELETEs
Quentin-M: Fix a deadlock behavior with DELETE transactions
Quentin-M: Ensure that quads in a transaction are applied in the desired order.
Quentin-M: Use a Size() estimate for SQL Quadstore when noSizes is enabled.
barakmich: sql: Combine AND(Fixed, SQL) and fix Save() roundtrips
barakmich: graph/sql: Use an IN clause when optimizing a fixed iterator
barakmich: query/gremlin: fix building Or iterator, add test
barakmich: query/gremlin: Refactor in terms of graph/path
Quentin-M: Fix NPE in SQL Quadstore
Quentin-M: Improve Transaction: deduplicate quads, allow adding/removing a quad in the same tx
barakmich: Fix corners after causing a couple merges
ds--: Adds exporting capabilities
barakmich: Add migration tool and use protos in Bolt store
barakmich: graph: Postgres backend
sayden: Typo fix when building cayley from scratch
sayden: Order of parameters when using :a and :d are switched
Kavec: Refactor for readability
kortschak: graph/bolt: don't panic on unitialised store
barakmich: Fixes memstore transaction semantics
Quentin-M: Make the SQL connection fail-fast
Quentin-M: Fix NPEs in SQL Next and Contains
barakmich: Roll the Go version forward on Travis builds (new stable)
barakmich: Add check for multiple all iterators
kortschak: internal: move {config,db,http} into internal
skynet: Update
neonstalwart: add string comparison to value comparison iterator
tmlbl: Small REPL Improvements
igm: Fixed multiplier for position of "label" in case of "po" key entry
cayleydb: Update
barakmich: Docs update based on @KamiQuasi #280
lytics: Use new import path for go-uuid
jzelinskie: travis.yml: bump appengine dependency
barakmich: Add transaction (a list of deltas) as a primitive for applying sets o…
nii236: Widened visualisation box to 100%
panamafrancis: Added myself to the A+C
barakmich: Add Save and Has API functions
Quentin-M: Allow opening a database (bolt, leveldb, mongo) through Go API
barakmich: Clean up Linkage definition
allonhadaya: In out predicates
barakmich: Fix bug where first Bolt iteration ignores deletion
barakmich: Fix describe in Or iterator
neonstalwart: collapse 2 iterations into 1 in memstore
op: Fix nil pointer panic when meta bucket is missing
barakmich: Fix LevelDB deleted-triple iterator stack overflow bug
neonstalwart: move cmp to where it's used
kortschak: graph: remove redundant type
barakmich: Go API
heyalexej: update leveldb link and fix some https links in README
andrew-d: Refactor packages
andrew-d: Fix TravisCI tests
andrew-d: Remove deprecated ResultTree API
Dabaez: Update
barakmich: Implement the Unique iterator


Mongo speedups, Loading fixes, Except/Not Operator

@barakmich barakmich released this Apr 25, 2015 · 444 commits to master since this release

Point release, to get a number of speedups and fixes out to the binary distribution channel.

Roadmap for 0.5 includes a number of major open PRs.

Notable features:

  • #236 Much faster Mongo support
  • #180 No Mongo empty values
  • #153 Gremlin Except() operator
  • #184 Fix Google Appengine Support
  • #235 Repeatable builds with Godep

Full changelist:

    @jf87: added example n-quad file for gremlin api description
    @barakmich: Mongo Indexed LinksTo
    @jzelinskie: store dependencies' versions with godep
    @barakmich: fix decompressing for http
    @andrew-d: Add myself to AUTHORS + CONTRIBUTORS
    @andrew-d: Add Err() and Close() methods to Iterators
    @barakmich: Fix PrimaryKey Marshalling and add Bolt test
    @alexwlchan: A couple of small spelling fixes in the docs
    @barakmich: Rewrite keys into concrete types, remove key package
    @barakmich: Clean up a little lint and some shadowed variables
    @LAlbertalli: Add options to ignore duplicate or missing quad
    @kortschak: Make query/... interfaces more idiomatic
    @barakmich: bench: Add some grunty Not queries to the integration test (derived from...
    @buley: Misspellings in Gremlin and Config docs
    @mataevs: Except/Not Operator for Gremlin.
    @barakmich: Minor doc fixes
    @kortschak: Provide informative logging for dups/absences
    @bkendall: Prevent empty values in cache (using mongo)
    @kortschak: Make graph.Delta zero state invalid for use
    @kortschak: Ensure callers get errors when they happen
    @varadharajan: Allocate 82 bytes instead of 62 bytes in LevelDB's CreateKeyFor method
    @bcleenders: Prevents repl panic, uses primary key generation for all writers                              
    @panamafrancis: Implementation of the PrimaryKey type
    @barakmich: mathutil is back in line
    @barakmich: temporary travis fix
    @kortschak: Fix leveldb change skew
    @barakmich: Remove the news in the README, add Trello Link
    @kortschak: Issue160
    @kortschak: Don't retain results where the value is empty
    @kortschak: Ensure we don't examine empty token
    @kortschak: Replace DebugString with a well defined type returned by Describe
    @kortschak: Delinting, deadcode removal and vetting                                                                  


Bolt, Speedups and Fixes

@barakmich barakmich released this Aug 26, 2014 · 618 commits to master since this release

Worth noting: you may have to reload your data in this version, as the database format has changed (hence the minor version bump). This is part of working with early software.

On the plus side, you'll notice quite a few benefits, including the new features.

For example, the memory benchmarks:

benchmark                                   old ns/op        new ns/op     delta     mult
BenchmarkNamePredicate                      917680           1072457       +16.87%   +1.17x
BenchmarkLargeSetsNoIntersection            176704664        48692651      -72.44%   -3.63x
BenchmarkVeryLargeSetsSmallIntersection     32566448297      154770005     -99.52%   -208.33x
BenchmarkHelplessContainsChecker            16041341849      40699233      -99.75%   -400.00x
BenchmarkNetAndSpeed                        71710442         16658337      -76.77%   -4.30x
BenchmarkKeanuAndNet                        13858313         12192151      -12.02%   -1.14x
BenchmarkKeanuAndSpeed                      16161303         15231229      -5.75%    -1.06x
BenchmarkKeanuOther                         3748121471       60429073      -98.39%   -62.11x
BenchmarkKeanuBullockOther                  300796920802     99996852      -99.97%   -3333.33x

If you think those look good, they also get better with bigger backends. The big wins come from optimized iteration, which benefits all backends.

New in this release:

  • Bolt backend for persistence
  • Log-structure persistence
  • Materialize iterator and related speedups
  • Better memory backend (based on cznic/b)
  • Better Gremlin session handling
  • Underscore.js available in Gremlin

Shortlist of Bugfixes:
#9 Use boltdb in the backend
#70 Write-log and as_of_time and replication preparation
#93 Simplify the Nexter Interface
#107 by default
#106 #108 Use cquads in the web UI loader
#114 Materializer regression sparking odd results
#117 Data-race when handling many simultaneous queries
#125 Underscore.js available in Gremlin environment
#104 #129 Better REPL support (history, etc)
#141 Parser conformance for IRIRef
#145 Gremlin workers


Better Loading

@barakmich barakmich released this Jul 31, 2014 · 782 commits to master since this release

New in this release:

  • Loading straight from compressed files
  • New, compilant NQuads parser (strict compliance variation compiled in, available in a future point release).
  • Linux/ARM release included (tried with tiny graphs on Raspberry Pi, though it's slow on the SD)

#3: Printing empty fixed iterator
#21: Unexpected/incorrect MQL values
#72: NQuads silently drops lines with quotes


Initial Release

@barakmich barakmich released this Jun 28, 2014 · 941 commits to master since this release

This is the initial binary release for Cayley, having now become go get friendly. Current feature list from the README is:

  • Written in Go
  • RESTful API
    • or a REPL if you prefer
  • Built-in query editor and visualizer
  • Multiple query languages:
    • Javascript, with a Gremlin-inspired* graph object.
    • (simplified) MQL, for Freebase fans
  • Plays well with multiple backend stores:
  • Modular design; easy to extend with new languages and backends
  • Decent test coverage
  • Speed, where possible.

No changes, because initial release.