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Free Code Camp Mini-Project: Pomodoro Timer App
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Pomodoro Clock App

Free Code Camp Advanced Project - Pomodoro Clock App


Build an app that is functionally similar to this:

  • I can start a 25 minute pomodoro, and the timer will go off once 25 minutes has elapsed.
  • I can reset the clock for my next pomodoro.
  • I can customize the length of each pomodoro.

Operating Instructions

Pomodoro Timer

Currently it's possible to: * Set and change the length of the timer (in minutes) * Start the timer * Pause the timer * Restart a paused timer * Clear the timer

The timer cycles between study sessions (orange) and breaks (green)


Remember to include the following if using eslint

./node_modules/.bin/eslint --init


The example given used a circle that slowly filled as time passed. I've seen a few pretty cool designs with outline shapes getting slowly filled in (as if being drawn) and wanted to do something similar.

Initially I tried using a button. I was able to get the border of the button to change colours over time (using transition: color) however I was unable to get the border to draw itself/fill in. What seemed to be used by others was svg or scalable vector graphics.

I've never used these before so it took a bit of research but I finally settled on using a circ as a base, and path to fill in the "border of the circle".

The colour flips between study sessions and breaks with the colour filling up when studying and emptying when on a break.


Once the timer starts, it cycles between study sessions and breaks indefinitely.

  • A study session can be a max of 45mins
  • A break can be a max of 45mins
  • The session and break length can only be changed when the timer isn't running or paused
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