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A Node.js implementation of NetMatch
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A Node.js implementation of NetMatch

We're working on to create a fully functional server for NetMatch, similar to the one made with CoolBasic. The purpose of this far-out project is to have a server which can run on linux, giving us the chance for always having a server to play in, and to have a server which runs much much faster than the CoolBasic one.

By using Node.js we get to use the asynchronous nature of JavaScript and also gain knowledge of Node itself. Because Node.js is essentially JavaScript, we can more easily port the NetMatch client to JavaScript at some point in the future. That is the ultimate goal for this project - to create NetMatch that you can play with your own browser!


We document JavaScript with JsDoc and build an HTML-version of the project with jsdoc-toolkit, powered by the awesome template CodeView (thanks to Wouter Bos for it!). The latest build of documentations are in gh-pages branch and viewable here:

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