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Generates classy lenses using scala.meta.

How to install

The plugin is not published yet.

How to use

Enable the plugin. In build.sbt:


Annotate your case classes with a comment containing generate-classy-lenses, e.g.:

 * generate-classy-lenses
case class DbConfig(host: String, port: Int)


// generate-classy-lenses
case class DbConfig(host: String, port: Int)

The plugin will generate the following source file:

package foo

import monocle.Lens

trait HasDbConfig[T] {
	def dbConfig: Lens[T, DbConfig]
	def dbConfigHost: Lens[T, String] =
		dbConfig composeLens Lens[DbConfig, String]( => a => a.copy(host = x))
	def dbConfigPort: Lens[T, Int] = 
		dbConfig composeLens Lens[DbConfig, Int](_.port)(x => a => a.copy(port = x))

object HasDbConfig {
	def apply[T](implicit instance: HasDbConfig[T]): HasDbConfig[T] = instance

	implicit val id: HasDbConfig[DbConfig] = new HasDbConfig[DbConfig]() {
		def dbConfig: Lens[DbConfig, DbConfig] =[DbConfig]



The generated lenses are Monocle lenses. However, the plugin does not add any Monocle dependencies to your project. You need to do this yourself, which means you are free to choose things like the Monocle version and whether you want to use macros or not.

The generated code only depends on monocle.Lens.

Classy what?

"Classy lenses" basically means generating a type class and an instance of that type class, along with some lenses.

Classy lenses often come in handy when you are writing code in so-called "MTL style". Here is a great talk that explains in more detail (in Haskell): Next Level MTL - George Wilson.

For related work in Scala, see meow-mtl.


  • Generate HasFoo type class instances for case classes with parameters of type Foo
  • Generate classy prisms
  • Write some proper tests