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A simple Ascii art generator. A toy project to help me learn Scala. Pretty much a port to Scala of this:
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A simple Ascii art generator in Scala.

I wrote this to help me learn Scala syntax, Java interop and basic programming style. The algorithm itself is just a ripoff from this blog:


sbt one-jar


./ inputUrl [outputFile] [outputWidth]
./ flickr keyword


Alternatively you can install and run using Conscript.

To install: cs cb372/scala-ascii-art

To run: aa


Pass either a local file or a URL:

./ photos/foo.jpg


Optionally set the width (in characters) of the output. If it is not set, the generator will try to guess a reasonable size.

./ photos/foo.jpg 100

Optionally pass an output file to save your amazing Ascii art for posterity. Save as either text or HTML.

./ foo.jpg output.txt

./ bar.jpg output.html

If one Ascii art is not enough for you, use Flickr to generate an endless (ahem, not actually endless) stream of colourful characters.

./ flickr cats


See my Scala Conf in Japan 2013 slides.

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