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@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
Installing Flash in the terminal:
<div class="clroot">zypper addrepo -f packman</div><br />
-<div class="clroot">zypper install flash-player</div><br /><br />
+<div class="clroot">zypper install freshplayerplugin</div><br /><br />
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
<div class="heading2">13.1 Codec Installation with 1-Click</div>
-Click on the button below to install multmedia codecs with 1-click install.<br /><br />
+1) Click on the button below to add the necessary repositories and install the required packages with 1-click install.<br /><br />
<center><a href=""><img src="images/oneclick/codecs.png" alt="ymp" class="pic" /></a></center><br />
@@ -30,6 +30,12 @@
</div><br />
+2) Afterwards make sure all your multimedia packages are coming from the Packman Repository:
+<div class="path">Start YaST Software Management => Click on View => Click on Repositories => Select the Packman Repository => Click "Switch system packages"</div><br />
+<center><a href="images/screenshots/packman-vendorchange.png" rel="thumbnail"><img src="images/screenshots/packman-vendorchangeb.png" alt="packman_vendor_change" class="pic" /></a></center><br /><br />
<div class="heading2">13.2 Codec Installation in the Terminal</div>
To install codecs using the terminal instead, do these steps:<br /><br />
@@ -52,9 +58,10 @@
2) Then install the necessary packages:
<div class="clroot">zypper install k3b-codecs ffmpeg lame gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-plugins-ugly gstreamer-plugins-ugly-orig-addon gstreamer-plugins-libav libdvdcss2</div><br />
-3) You will be asked if you want to allow vendor change for some packages - allow it.<br /><br />
+You will be asked if you want to allow vendor change for some packages - allow it.<br /><br />
+3) Make sure all your multimedia packages are coming from the Packman Repository:
+<div class="clroot">zypper dup --from</div>
<table style="text-align: left; width: 100%;" border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2">
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
<td align="center" valign="top" style="padding-top: 5px" width="33%">
-<a href="" class="content-text" target="_blank">Updated: 15 November, 2016</a>
+<a href="" class="content-text" target="_blank">Updated: 4 December, 2016</a>
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
<div class="heading1">5. KDE Plasma Workspace</div>
The KDE Plasma workspace is one of the first things you'll see when you boot openSUSE Leap for the first time. The desktop workspace consists of the desktop itself, menus, panels, file management and window management.<br /><br />
+The KDE Plasma Workspace is very highly configurable. If there is something you don't like, you can almost certainly configure it to your liking.<br /><br />
<div class="heading2">5.1 The Desktop</div>
The desktop is not very different from other desktop environments you may be familiar with - you have a panel on the bottom, a launch menu which is opened in the lower left corner.<br /><br />
@@ -6,17 +6,17 @@
<a href="acquisition.php" class="content-text">3. Getting openSUSE</a><br />
<a href="installation.php" class="content-text">4. Installation</a><br />
-<div class="content-title">Day to Day Use</div>
+<div class="content-title">The Fundamentals</div>
<a href="kde.php" class="content-text">5. KDE Workspace</a><br />
<a href="apps.php" class="content-text">6. Apps for Common Tasks</a><br />
<a href="security.php" class="content-text">7. Security and Root</a><br />
<a href="command.php" class="content-text">8. Terminal</a><br />
<a href="yast.php" class="content-text">9. Admin. Settings (YaST)</a><br />
<a href="installpackage.php" class="content-text">10. Installing Software</a><br />
<a href="repositories.php" class="content-text">11. Software Repositories</a><br />
- <a href="windows.php" class="content-text">12. MS Windows Interop</a><br />
<div class="content-title">Setup</div>
+ <a href="windows.php" class="content-text">12. MS Windows Interop</a><br />
<a href="codecs.php" class="content-text">13. Multimedia Codecs</a><br />
<a href="browserplugins.php" class="content-text">14. Browser Plugins</a><br />
<a href="3d.php" class="content-text">15. Graphics Drivers</a><br />

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