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A "social lending" site. Users can list any items they have that they are willing to lend. Friends, family, and neighbors can connect and can search to see if someone has something they need, from a book to a power tool.
People can request to borrow and, if accepted, then there is a record of who has the item, a field where the borrower puts how long they need it, another where the lender can put when they need it back, and the app can send reminders of the "due date."


  • Database of things that people want to borrow/lend. Includes table of users, categories of items, and a table for each category.
  • Category page automatically populates with full list of items
  • Search function filters through each item-category table
  • User can register and login with password
  • On My Account page, user can see the items they own and whether they are loaned or available, can see the items they are currently borrowing, can mark an item 'lent'

Powered by

  • postgreSQL
  • Node.js
  • Express

Future Innovations

  • Make category pages generate dynamically.
  • Make it more actually social-- connect with friends + family and be able to search within those connections.
  • Make items searchable by distance and show up in a map.
  • Users upload pictures of the item and those are browseable.
  • Make "due dates" and reminders that items are "due".
  • Have pending requests table in My Account page

Brought to you by Amelia Schulz, Steven Kim, and Clare Barton


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