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The Open Science and Reproducible Research course##

This repo will contain the materials for an open science and reproducible research course targetted at organismal ecologists. The plan is to create a framework for students to be led along the open science path, over a typical semester and using real data, leading to a final publication. The idea is to provide an even balance of technical skill (eg: how to set up version control using R Studio) with more philosophical aspects (eg: authorship and credit in collaborative projects)

The initial materials will be developed in conjunction with a real-world offering of the OSRR course, held here at Michigan State, but I'd like to encourage everyone to branch, fork, PR when you have something to add- the end goal is to create materials for a distributed-delivery, customizable course that can be offered to the full breadth of early career scientists- to get all of us started out in a more collaborative, more open environment.

Find the community and tweet to us (me) at #OSRRcourse

Oh! I should cite a license. Let's go with CC BY 4.0


The Open Science and Reproducible Research course



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