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QualityAssessmentFramework is a framework designed to be extended for domain-specific quality assessment. JsonEntity : Class to represent the "subject" of quality assessment, i.e. the Entity whose quality is to be assessed. Extend this to better represent the Entity you wish to evaluate, e.g. a sensor observation. RdfEntity : Class that converts a JSON Entity to an RDF Entity for creating RDF models used in reasoning. Reasoner : Class that performs reasoning using a SPIN Reasoner ( Requires a String URL describing the location of your ontology containing your quality assessment SPIN rules, a String describing the notation of your ontology file, e.g. "N3", and a boolean stating whether the file is local or accessed via the Web.

       performReasoning method should be passed an RDF Model describing the Entity to be assessed. : Collection of classes for sending SPARQL queries and updates


Licensed under the Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL) Version 2.1 (