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A command line python script to help you back up your SlideShare presentations to PDF. —
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SlideShare to PDF

A python script to help you back up your SlideShare presentations to PDF.


This script has been tested with Vagrant on an Ubuntu Trusty 64 VM (Vagrantfile included) and requires the following packages:

They can be installed by running:

apt-get update
apt-get install -y imagemagick python-bs4 python-lxml


Just run it

Simply running the script will prompt you to input the SlideShare URL you'd like to download. By default, this file will be saved in the downloads directory created in the root of the script.

Input the SlideShare URL you want to convert: [SLIDE URL]
Reading SlideShare page...
Downloading slide 1...
Downloading slide 2...
Converting to PDF...
Your file has been successfully created at downloads/[SLIDE NAME].pdf

Run it with Arguments

./ [-i|--input <url>] [-o|--output <path>] [-j|--jpg] [--use_convert] [-q|--quiet]


Specify the SlideShare URL you'd like to download with -i.



You can specify where to save your PDF with -o. The script will accept a directory or a file path. If only the directory path is specified, the name of the slide will be used.


# save in directory
./ -i [...] -o /home/user/documents/

# save to file
./ -i [...] -o /home/user/documents/my-slide.pdf

Keep JPGs

You can request to keep the JPG files using -j or --jpg. This will export the PDF file and also a directory with all the JPG files that make up the PDF.


Force use of convert

The script will automatically detect if the command magick is available and use it by default. If you require the use of convert instead use --use_convert


Don't print status messages to stdout.

./ -q


Show help message and exit.

./ -h


This repository includes a Vagrantfile. If you'd like to collaborate, this should help jumpstart the development process.


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