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* This is a very basic example of using the regex iterator to perform a
* replacement. In this case, we are merely performing a swap of the
* pattern matches (test) and (0-9+).
* You can specify any of the following modes:
* RegexIterator::MATCH Only execute match (filter) for the current entry.
* RegexIterator::GET_MATCH Return the first match for the current entry.
* RegexIterator::ALL_MATCHES Return all matches for the current entry.
* RegexIterator::SPLIT Returns the split values for the current entry.
* RegexIterator::REPLACE Replace the current entry.
* RegexIterator::USE_KEY Special flag: Match the entry key instead of the entry value.
$a = new ArrayIterator(array('test1', 'test2', 'test3'));
$i = new RegexIterator($a, '/^(test)(\d+)/', RegexIterator::REPLACE);
$i->replacement = '$2:$1';
[0] => 1:test
[1] => 2:test
[2] => 3:test
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