Running in a High DPI Environment

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Does Comic Vine Scraper look smushed together and tiny on your new computer?

Perhaps the popup dialogs and buttons seem too small for the text, like this?

Image of GDI window in high-DPI environment.

If so, odds are good that you are using a high DPI monitor. In Windows Settings, the Scale and Layout of your display may be set to a size value higher than 100% (125% and 150% are common.)

Unfortunately, Comic Vine Scraper was written using an older Windows graphics library that does not always scale properly on modern monitors. This is what causes the problem that you're seeing.

But all is not lost! You can fix this problem using a compatibility feature in Windows 10.

Step 1: Find ComicRack.exe

You'll have to use Windows File Explorer to go to the folder where ComicRack.exe is stored.

Normally, that folder is _C:\Program Files\Comicrack_

Image of ComicRack.exe

Step 2: Go into the file's Properties

Right-click on ComicRack.exe, and click on Properties...

Picture of right-clicking and clicking on Properties.

Step 3: Change High DPI Settings

Choose the Compatibility tab, and click on the button called Change high DPI settings.

Picture of the Change high DPI Settings button

Step 4: Override Scaling Behavior

Enable the checkbox called Override high DPI scaling behavior, and choose System (Enhanced).

Picture of the Override scaling behavior options

Click OK, then click OK again, and that's it!

If ComicRack is running, you must close and exit it completely, including the taskbar icon. If you're not sure how to do this, just reboot your computer. The next time you run ComicRack and Comic Vine Scraper, things should be sized normally.

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