Scraping Comics

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Once you've added a few comics to ComicRack, there are a number of ways you can scrape those comics:

  1. Select one or more comic books.
  2. Click on the Comic Vine Scraper icon () in the ComicRack toolbar.


  1. Select one or more comic books.
  2. Right-click on them, and choose Automation -> Comic Vine Scraper... from the menu that appears.


  1. Select a single comic book.
  2. Choose Edit -> Get Info... from the ComicRack menu. A window will appear, showing you some details about the comic.
  3. Click on the "Comic Vine Scraper" button located at the bottom of this new window.


If Comic Vine Scraper can't find your comic, it will ask you to provide it with a different search phrase so it can search again. Take a close look at the search phrase that it just tried to use ... are there spelling errors, or strange punctuation, or unnecessary words? Try changing the search phrase to get rid of these problems.

If this doesn't help, your next step is to look for your comic directly on the Comic Vine website. If it's not there, then there's nothing for Comic Vine Scraper to find. At least now you know why the search isn't working...

But what if your comic is available on Comic Vine? In that case, you can use 'direct URL searching' to short-circuit Comic Vine Scraper's search process and force it to find your comic.

This is easy. Just go to your comic book's series page (i.e. its 'volume' page) on the Comic Vine website. For example, if you are searching for the series 'Conan the Slayer', you'd go to this page.

Now copy the address of that page from your browser's URL bar, paste it into Comic Vine Scraper's search field, and click 'search'. The scraper will now find the series you're looking for.

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