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A package allowing to zoom in and out and more generally navigate a plot or a group of plots in R.

Please see zoom.pdf for the full manual and description of the package.

This package has been published on CRAN: Not all releases are available on CRAN (limited rythm of updates) so check the last releases on this site (releases/) if you have any problem.


Int most case, just copy/paste in R:


If issues you can try these other, plateform specific options :


In the releases/ folder, download the zoom*.zip (need to click on "View raw". Then install it from withing Rgui clicking on Packages - Install a binary package from a zip file".

Mac or linux

Download the zoom*.tar.gz from the releases/ folder. Then in the console: R CMD INSTALL zoom*.tar.gz

Development version

You can always clone this repository, I'll assume you know what you are doing.

Organization of the package

zoom is the normal package folder for R

releases is the folder with official releases sources and binary for windows.

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