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Add note about interpreting sl_components for monitoring thread

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Christopher Browne
Christopher Browne committed Mar 16, 2011
1 parent a61f464 commit d3f66cccb54168ca8d6a80261337a66228720cd8
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@@ -523,7 +523,12 @@ activity.</para>
&slcomponents;, to report in on its work. Unfortunately, the fact of
adding in its own events would make it perpetually busy, as the action
of processing the queue would add a monitoring entry, in effect
-becoming a repetitive recursive activity.</para></listitem>
+becoming a repetitive recursive activity.</para>
+<para> It does report in when it starts up, which means you may expect
+that this entry indicates the time at which the &lslon; process
+began. </para>
<listitem><para> Timestamps are based on the clock time of the &lslon;

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