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RadioEnhancer is an extension that adds more functionality to Pandora's awesome new HTML5 interface.

It is currently available on the Chrome Web Store at

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program.  If not, see <>.

1.4.3 Changelog - manifest version not updated
 - New: scrobble status is now clickable, it takes you to your profile page.

1.4.2 Changelog
 ~ Internal: lol we weren't packing radio-enhancer.js properly. we are now.
 ~ Internal: Analytics events and debugLog trigger for audio ad auto-mute.
 - New: Enable Pandora's player controls during an audio ad.
 - Fix: authentication works again.

1.4.1 Changelog
 ~ Internal: manifest_version 2 upgrade.
 ~ Internal: Upgrade to jQuery 1.7.2.
 ~ Internal: PandoraUI -> notification controls now handles mute/unmute as well.
 ~ Internal: Check for message now marks as being read after clicking "Close" button, instead of immediately after display.
 - New: Auto-mute audio ads option (default enabled).
 - Fix: RadioEnhancer icon in address bar no longer disappears.
 - Fix: Copy lyrics to clipboard works again.
 - Fix: Muting using the notification controls no longer restores to a lower volume level.
 - Fix: Clicking the "mute" icon on Pandora will again toggle muting.
 - Fix: Song info now truncates in notification window, hover over to view full info if it's too long.

1.4.0 Changelog
 - New name: RadioEnhancer
 - Change: section in settings window looks a bit nicer now.
 - Fix: Station listing should now properly extend to the bottom of the main window.
 - Fix: Main content window should now be properly centered.

1.3.4 Changelog
 - Change: section in settings window looks a bit nicer now.
 - Fix: Station listing should now properly extend to the bottom of the main window.
 - Fix: Main content window should now be properly centered.

1.3.3 Changelog
 - Fix: Notification controls work correctly now.

1.3.2 Changelog
 - New: Scrobble delay is now configurable.
 - New: Pandora UI state changes now transfer over to notification window.
 - Change: Improved notification parameter exchange.
 - Fix: Song info with ampersands (&) no longer get cut off in notification window.

1.3 Changelog
 - New: Donate button added to settings window.
 - New: Added way to communicate with users for important updates.
 - Bug fix: Notification window will now close when Pandora is closed.
 - Fix: Settings window should significantly load faster.

1.2.2 Changelog
 - Bug fix: Album art in notification should no longer be for previous song.
 - Bug fix: Notification wouldn't display if Pandora took too long for song to load.
 - Bug fix: Google Analytics issues.

1.2.1 Changelog
 - Quick analytics fix, oops. Undocumented.

1.2.0 Changelog
 - New: Song progress bar added to notification.
 - New: Google Analytics integration.
 - Change: Lyrics are now de-censored when using the "more lyrics" button as well as the Copy link.
 - Change: Settings window now has an "About" section. Let us know if you find any bugs!
 - Fix: bottom-left corner of the main Pandora window is no longer the only corner without a border-radius.
 - Compatibility for Pandora Two (INTERNAL).

1.1.0 Changelog
 - New: Added "always show notification window" option - now you can have player controls permanently displayed.
 - New: Added "love on when liked on Pandora".
 - New: Comedy feature - de-censored the song lyrics when copying to clipboard.
 - Change: Settings window redone with tabs - much nicer looking.
 - Change: in settings, replaced "follow" with "tweet" button.
 - Change: Moved "Configure" header link into the user menu (click your email address at the top right).
 - Change: Behavior of default settings on first-load.
 - Fix: a native Pandora bug! Album art icon on the top right no longer appears off-screen.
 - Fix: notification issue where it receives a mouseevent on the document when there wasn't one.
 - Fix: Notification window will no longer close when your mouse is over it when resuming play.

1.0.1 Changelog
 - Notification stays open when mouse cursor is over it, and/or paused.
 - Bug fixes

1.0.0 Changelog
 - Support - scrobble songs from the Pandora player!
 - Added player controls to song notifications. Rate songs, play/pause, skip, and toggle mute on/off right from the notification!
 - Styled song notification to look like Pandora's interface.
 - Pandora's volume icon (next to player controls) now toggles mute on/off.
 - Improved advertisment suppression.
 - Improved notification management.
 - New icon.
 - Bug fixes.

0.6.0 Changelog
 - Now removes the top ribbon (the one that slides down the entire Pandora UI)
 - Bug fix

0.5.9 Changelog
 - Added (optional) "Configure PandoraEnhancer" link in Pandora's header. I use Pandora as an application shortcut, so there's no Omnibar icon to bring the config up. Problem solved. Changelog
 - Fixed a bug that only occurred upon first use (visual - config checkboxes were blank, not default)

0.5.8 Changelog
 - Skips "Are you still listening?" dialog
 - Removes "helpful" tooltips
 - All options are configurable
 - Customizable notification display length
 - Song change detection dramatically improved
 - Selectable lyrics functionality improved

0.5.7 Changelog:
 - New versioning
 - Uses default Pandora background image (instead of a flat color)
 - Song Change Notifications - use Pandora in the background (like me)? New notification pops up in a user-definable spot on your screen for a few seconds with info about the current song. To configure positioning, click the little wrench icon on the notification.
 ** Note that Song Change Notifications will NOT work if Chrome is minimized. Just keep Pandora open in the background. This is being looked into.
 - Code changes to make adding new features simpler. Changelog:
 - Selectable lyrics! You can now select lyrics to copy onto your clipboard. Or...
 - Copy all lyrics! Easily copy the entire lyrics of a song (if lyrics are available) Changelog:
 - Removes promobox (under station listing)
 - Extends station listing to the bottom


Adds many new features to Pandora's new HTML5 interface.



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