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Using this script may lock out the account you've set up in your configuration file. Use with caution! I'm not responsible for anyone getting locked out of their account; nor is the fbchat library. 😄

Facebook Messenger: Hi-Res Image Downloader


Simple little script to bulk download high-resolution images from your Facebook Messenger account for a specific chat exchanged between your account and a friend's.


Carefully create and configure a config.ini file to your needs under the same directory as this script. Use config.ini.example as a reference guide.

Key-value pairs

  • [Credentials][email]: Your FB account email used for authentication.
  • [Credentials][password]: Your FB account password used for authentication.
  • [Friend][url]: The URL to your friend's FB page.
  • [Threads][search_limit]: Number of threads to look through (from most recent). If the conversation you're looking for is very old, you'll have to increase this number. Otherwise, you'll want to set this to a low value for speed.
  • [Threads][before_date]: (Optional*) Specify a date (in format Y-m-d, i.e. 2019-08-15) from which point to retrieve threads.
  • [Messages][search_limit]: Number of messages to search through for images once the thread with your friend has been found. Again, if the media you want to download is hundreds of messages go, you'll want to increase this value proportionally.
  • [Messages][before_date]: (Optional*) Specify a date (in format Y-m-d, i.e. 2019-08-15) from which point to retrieve messages. For instance, for a given thread, the script will only download images sent in last [Messages][search_limit] starting from the date specified here.
  • [Media][sender_only]: Simple true or false value. If true, only images from your target Friend will be downloaded.
  • [Media][ext_blacklist]: (Optional*) In a comma delimited string, list out extensions you'd like to skip during image attachment download.
  • [Download][path]: Local target path for the images to be downloaded to.

* Note: If not used, leave value after = blank.


  1. Install Python 3.x
  2. Open cmd (Windows) or terminal (Unix)
  3. Install pip prerequisites: pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Create and configure config.ini
  5. Execute python ./


Helper script to scrape your Facebook Messenger account for images shared in your conversations quickly and efficiently.




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