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martrix is an ArtNet/sACN RGB matrix grid visualizer

It can be used to plan shows or to create an interesting fixture using a standard computer projector. Data input is accepted via ArtNet or sACN, either of which is output by most lighting desks and software.

Example with an 8 by 8 matrix and 3 basic effects from a lighting console:

martrix 8 by 8 grid demo

Build prerequisites

martrix uses the X11 Xrender extension and thus requires the following packages:

  • libx11-dev
  • libxrender-dev
  • A C compiler


Running make on a system with the prerequisites mentioned above should build the martrix binary.


xmartrix uses a configuration file to set up its parameters. The format is very similar to the popular ini file format. An example can be found in martrix.cfg.

A configuration file may consist of the following sections:

  • One [martrix] section, containing

    • bindhost = <bindhost>: The interface address to listen for input data
    • input = <type>: Can either be artnet or sacn, default is artnet
    • dimensions = <x>x<y>: The dimensions of the visualizer grid
    • net = <artnet net id>: The ArtNet network number to listen for, ignored with sACN
    • window = <x>x<y>: Dimensions of the window to create - fullscreen if omitted
    • verbose = <level>: Set to 0 to disable verbose output - defaults to 1
  • One or more [fixture <name>] sections, specifying a fixture type with:

    • channels = <num channels>: Specify the number of channels this fixture uses
    • Any number of <channel type> = <channel offset> lines, where channel type is one of
      • dimmer : Color multiplier (always full if none is specified for a type)
      • red : Red color component
      • green : Green color component
      • blue : Blue color component
      • white : Value for all three color components
      • strobe : Strobe/Shutter channel (0 - open, 1 - 255 increasing strobe frequency)
      • uv : Currently unused
  • One [map] section, containing lines of the format

    • <x>x<y> = <type name> <universe> <address>, setting up the matrix contents

Lines starting with a semicolon are treated as comments and ignored. There is currently no support for inline comments.

Note that sACN reserves universe 0. When using sACN, start with universe 1.


Run ./martrix to start the visualizer. The first and only accepted parameter specifies a configuration file to read. If none is given, martrix.cfg is read by default.


Errors are displayed on the standard output.

Note that when using multicast sACN input, all networking devices in the path are required to support at least IGMPv2. martrix tries to join the universe multicast groups for all active universes. The Linux kernel places a limit on the number of group memberships an interface may have, which is usually 20. This limit can be changed using the kernel parameter /proc/sys/net/ipv4/igmp_max_memberships.

sACN input via unicast is not limited by this parameter.