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Create SVG pie charts directly from the command line!
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  • Clone the repository
  • Make sure you have a working C compiler
  • Run make within the clone
  • Run make install as root to have piechart installed to your system


piechart expects one line of data per slice of the chart. Slice properties are separated by a delimiter (Default: ,), with their order specified by the --order argument (Default: value,color,legend). Simply pipe your data into piechart or save it to a file and specify that as an argument. Input lines starting with a # are treated as comments.


Argument Effect Default
--delimiter delimiter Set input property delimiter ,
--order property-list Set input property order (see below) value,color,legend
--color color-spec Set slice default fill color (may be overridden by input data) white
--border color-spec Set slice border color black
--explode offset Set slice default explode offset (may be overridden by input data) 0
--no-legend Disable legend text output -
--percent Print percentage right of legend text -
inputfile Read data from inputfile instead of the standard input stdin

Specifying property order

The property order can be specified by using the --order argument to piechart, supplying a comma-separated list of any of the property keywords below

Keyword Effect
ignore Ignore the column
value Column specifies the absolute value of the slice
legend Column contains slice legend
color Column contains slice fill color
explode Column contains slice explode offset

Specifying colors

Since piechart outputs SVG data directly, all HTML/CSS colors may be used. This includes color names like blue and red as well as hex-encoded colors such as #12ab34.

The following special colors are supported

Magic color Effect
random Generate color at random
hsv Generate colors along HSV cylinder
contrast Try to maximize color contrast of neighboring slices


Because there seems to be no simple tool for creating basic pie charts from the command line, or at least my searches did not turn up anything useful. If you know of anything, please tell me :)

Example output

Output of piechart tests/diag3 --order value,explode,color,legend > tests/diag3.svg

Output of piechart tests/diag4 --order value,legend --color contrast > tests/diag4_contrast.svg

Output of piechart tests/diag4 --order value,legend --color hsv > tests/diag4_hsv.svg




Please report any bugs or issues via the GitHub issue tracker.


Create SVG pie charts from the command line





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