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Visualize Bitcoin network transactions in real time
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Latest commit e90fcc2 @rstoyanchev rstoyanchev Update after SPR-10796 fix + polish
WebSocketConnectionManager now allows setting headers so there is
no longer a need for the custom code setting the origin header.

Also did some polish, consolidating WebSocket-related classes into
a single package and adding Tomcat8/Glassfish4 deployment scripts.


A clone of using WebSockets instead of long polling and d3 instead of jQuery UI. The idea is to visualize all transactions in the global Bitcoin network. If you don't know what Bitcoin is, or don't know much about it, you should watch this two minute video.

The intention is to render trade data from all major exchanges as well as all account-to-account transfers and block creation events from the blockchain. The UI should eventually allow users to determine via a slider the date range they wish to see, hover for detailed transaction data, and ideally provide a Google-finance style set of checkboxes allowing the user to include/exclude which kinds of transactions they wish to see, which exchanges, etc.

A number of functionally equivalent implementations are available in the various sub-directories including Node.js, Node.js with SockJS, Tomcat-based Servlet, vert.x, and Atmosphere. See the README files in each for setup instructions.

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