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A tour of Spring dependency injection styles
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Spring DI Styles webinar companion project


This project uses Git for source control (, and is hosted
at GitHub (

To clone (check out) the project:

    git clone git://

If you don't have git installed, and would like a zip or tar of the sources:

This project is built using Gradle (

To execute build system tasks, simply run the 'gradle wrapper' script
appropriate to your platform.  You'll notice these scripts are available in the
root of this project, meaning there is nothing for you to download or install.

    For Windows:  `gradlew.bat`
    For OSX/*nix: `gradlew`

The remainder of this document will simply refer these scripts as 'gradlew'.

Discover available tasks:

    gradlew --tasks
    gradlew -t

Build the project:

    gradlew build

Note that 'build' includes compilation, testing, and packaging. For Maven users,
`gradlew build` is roughly equivalent to `mvn package`.

Of course, the first time you execute this task, Gradle will download all
project dependencies.  As a convenience, the build script is configured to look
first in your ~/.m2/repository before fetching artifacts from maven central.

Import the project into Eclipse/STS:

    gradlew eclipse

to create .project and .classpath files. this command will also retrive and link
dependency source jars. After this is complete, you can import the project as

    File->Import->Existing Projects Into Workspace

If usins STS (, you'll also want to
enable the Spring Project Nature by right clicking on the distyles project and

    Spring Tools->Add Spring Project Nature

Import the project into IntellJ IDEA:

    gradlew idea

to create .iml, .ipr, and .iws files

Run the interactive Teller UI:

    gradlew ui

and you will be prompted for input.

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