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For those familiar with Git:
git clone
Or if you prefer using Subversion:
svn co spring-3.1-featurespec.git
Once checked out, you can build from the command line using either Gradle or
Maven. If you're new to Gradle, don't worry -- there's nothing for you to
install. Simply use the 'gradlew' (or 'gradlew.bat' on windows) script within
the root directory of the project:
>$ ./gradlew build
And the following will give you a list of all available tasks:
>$ ./gradlew tasks
If necessary, this 'Gradle wrapper' script will download a distribution of
Gradle for you.
Generate project metadata appropriate to your IDE with
>$ ./gradlew eclipse
- or -
>$ ./gradlew idea
If you prefer Maven, you can simply type:
>$ mvn test
If you're using an IDE that supports Maven-based projects, you can import the
project directly from its POM. Otherwise, generate IDE metadata with
>$ mvn eclipse:eclipse
- or -
>$ mvn idea:idea