RESTful NoSQL system written in Haskell and backed by MySQL under HDBC
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PureDB seeks to be source-of-truth partitioned document storage accessible via HTTP. This is a lofty goal, and it is currently just a thin HTTP wrapper on top of MySQL. When completed, PureDB will have three tiers: a routing tier, a storage tier, and an async tier.

Routing tier

Schemas will be housed in the routing tier, and shipped with requests through the storage tier and onto the async tier. The routing tier will house ownership information, and orchestrate two-phase commits over the storage layer to persist data to all known replicas of a given partition.

Storage tier

The goal of the storage tier is to deserialize as little as possible. Using protobuf as the underlying storage format will support schema-unaware updates with occasional compaction. As much as possible, the storage layer should be bytes-in/bytes-out. To support read-after-write consistency, all storage nodes are treated as source of truth for their partitions, and all commits occur transactionally across all replicas (recommended 3). Accordingly, GET requests can be routed to any replica, and deserialization will occur in the client (unlimited free CPU).

Async tier

The MySQL binary log will provide a change stream to support asynchronous data slurp. This is for sure the least thought out tier, but the goal here is to provide some mechanism for eventually consistent indexing or ETL to Hadoop.

Author: Chris Beavers