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Open AHRS Software/Hardware
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openAHRS - open source AHRS

Code is licensed under the GPL v2 license, see the file COPYING for information
Copyright (c) Carlos Becker

1. Requirements
openAHRS uses the Eigen2 library, under the GPL license too.
You can download Eigen2 from

You need to modify the EIGENPATH variable inside Makefile.paths before trying to
compile anything.

Use the GCC_PREFIX macro in Makefile to specify which compiler to use.

To use the util/plotter utility you need the qwt library (

2. Code organization

	- openAHRS:
		The folder openAHRS contains main source code, built as a library to openAHRS.a
To make the library just type 'make' in this same directory.
		!!BEWARE!!: read the above section since the Eigen2 path needs to be configured

	- tests:
		Contains several tests. The Kalman ones simulate noisy input signals and write
the results to an octave-compatible file. If octave is available on the host machine
the data can be plotted by executing the script plot_data.m from octave.
		To build the examples just go to the right example directory and type 'make'.
You can also build the examples by issuing 'make test-xxxx' on the root directory,
where 'xxxx' depends on the sample to be built (type 'make help' for a description).

	- AHRSs:
		AHRS implementations. Currently there is only an AVR32 port.
		Make sure the GCC_PREFIX macro in the main Makefile is correctly set.

	- util/plotter
		 Utility to plot values received through UDP from AHRS. Uses the qwt library. Also draws an opengl scene with current position (might be CPU-intensive on some cases).

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