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Bug Fixes

  • hostess fmt -n works properly again, and has more specific behavior:
  • hostess fmt will replace duplicates without asking for help
  • hostess fmt -n will not replace duplicates, and will exit with error if any are found (#41)
  • hostess fmt with and without -n will exit with error if conflicting hostnames are found because hostess cannot fix the conflicts
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Bug Fixes

  • Format will no longer exit with an error when encountering a duplicate entry
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Breaking Changes

  • Windows now has a platform-specific hosts format with one IP and hostname per line
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Bug Fixes

  • Fix hostfiles not saving on Windows #27
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0.4.0 is a major refactor of the frontend (CLI) focused on simplifying the UI
and code, supporting newer Go tooling (i.e. go mod), and removing external

Breaking Changes

  • Moved CLI to go get should now do what you probably wanted the first time.
  • Moved library to
  • Many command aliases and flags have been removed
  • Hostlist.Enable and Hostlist.Disable now return an error instead of bool. Check against ErrHostnameNotFound.
  • Several functions will now return ErrInvalidVersionArg instead of panicking in that case


  • Removed codegangsta/cli
  • Removed aff command
  • Removed del command (use rm instead)
  • Removed list command (use ls instead)
  • Removed fixed command (just run fmt)
  • Command fix renamed to fmt
  • Removed -s and -q flags. Errors are now shown always. Redirect stderr if you don't want to see them.
  • Removed -f from various commands. Use fmt instead.
  • Added Go mod support
  • Added AppVeyor for Windows builds
  • Overhauled the Makefile for easier builds
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  • Added fixed subcommand which checks whether the hosts file is already formatted by hostess

Bug Fixes

  • Show an error when there is a parsing failure instead of silently truncating the hosts file
  • Global flags between hostess and the subcommand are no longer ignored
  • Binary should now display the correct version of the software
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This release fixes the following issues:

Also, codegangsta/cli is now vendored, so you can install this from source via:

go install

Or, grab a pre-compiled binary below!

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The initial release supports most of the planned functionality. The project has finally reached a point where it makes sense to release a binary.

Supported Platforms

  • Tested on OSX, linux, and windows
  • Builds for x86, x64, and ARM

Major Features

hostess add domain ip   # Add or replace a hosts entry for this domain pointing to this IP
hostess aff domain ip   # Add or replace a hosts entry in an off state
hostess del domain      # (alias rm) Remove a domain from your hosts file
hostess has domain      # exit code 0 if the domain is in your hostfile, 1 otherwise
hostess off domain      # Disable a domain (but don't remove it completely), exit 1 if entry is missing
hostess on domain       # Re-enable a domain that was disabled, exit 1 if entry is missing
hostess list            # (alias ls) List domains, target ips, and on/off status
hostess fix             # Rewrite your hosts file; use -n to dry run
hostess dump            # Dump your hostfile as json
hostess apply           # Add entries from a json file


-n   # Dry run. Show what will happen but don't do it; output to stdout
-4   # Limit operation to ipv4 entries
-6   # Limit operation to ipv6 entries