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Simple OAuth .Net

OAuth libraries come in all shapes and sizes, however in the .Net land, they only come in one - extra large. This library is made to rectify that. It's a small (~15kb) library, with no dependencies that lets you create WebRequest's and sign them to your hearts content. Some of the features:

  • Tiny library,
  • No dependencies,
  • Works in .Net 3.0+ and Windows Phone Mango+
    • .Net 3.0+ support is located in SimpleOAuth.sln
    • Windows Phone Mango support is located in SimpleOAuth.WindowsPhone.sln
  • Extends off WebRequest objects,
  • Create and sign a request in ~5 lines of code.

Please note, this is for client applications only. You'll need to find something else if you're looking for a server, for example, DevDefined.OAuth.

You have me so far, give me an example!

Well, OK then!

var tokens = new Tokens() { ConsumerKey = "key", ConsumerSecret = "secret",
	AccessKey = "key", AccessKeySecret = "secret" };
var request = WebRequest.Create("");

Or, you can condense your WithTokens call into the SignRequest


By Joe, what have you done!?

Made OAuth simple, and I hope you find it really does.

What's in here?

You'll find the source above and a solution that's fine for Visual Studio 2010. It is targetting to .Net version 3.0, so if you're using a version of Visual Studio 2008 you can create a new solution, import the project, and you should be good to go.

There are also three examples,

  1. SimpleOAuthTester is a console app to test against the OAuth server at Rather unexciting.
  2. SimpleOAuthTwitter is a console app to test against Twitter itself. You can sign in, post API requests and more to get a feel for what happens on the inside.
  3. SimpleOAuthTester.WP.Mango is located in the SimpleOAuth.WindowsPhone.sln solution. It is a full example of authenticating and running remote authenticated commands on both and Twitter, as in the above console examples. You will need to change your ConsumerKey and ConsumerSecret in the SecretRepository class.

Finally, you'll find a Compiled Help file in the Help directory that documents it.


Simple OAuth .Net is is licensed under the terms of the MIT License, see the included LICENSE file.


OAuth for the .Net framework - made super easy.




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