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Comic Feeds

This application creates feeds from comic feeds that include the images. It does this by crawling the linked pages for images.

Please see my blog post for more information on background and usage.


  1. Download and install the Google App Engine PHP SDK.
  2. Download and install the Google Cloud SDK.
  3. Download and install composer (dependency manager for PHP).
  4. Run composer install in the application directory to download dependencies into the vendor/ directory.
  5. Run vendor/phpunit/phpunit/phpunit to execute all tests.
  6. Copy app.yaml.dist to app.yaml.
  7. Replace application in app.yaml with the Application ID from Google developer console.
  8. Replace version in app.yaml with 1 to start and increment on each deployment.
  9. Refer to Google's developer information for more information on deploying to the production app engine and testing with the local SDK tools.


Pull requests are welcome, especially to include more comic providers. Please see the Dilbert Service (multiple sub-feeds) and Penny-Arcade Service (single feed) for examples.


This software is licensed under the GPL. See for more information.