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3. Download and install [composer]( (dependency manager for PHP).
4. Run `composer install` in the application directory to download dependencies into the vendor/ directory.
5. Run `vendor/phpunit/phpunit/phpunit` to execute all tests.
6. Modify `app.yaml` and replace the `application` and `version` as directed from your Google developer console.
6. Copy `app.yaml.dist` to `app.yaml`.
7. Replace `application` in `app.yaml` with the Application ID from [Google developer console](
8. Replace `version` in `app.yaml` with `1` to start and increment on each deployment.
9. Refer to Google's developer information for more information on deploying to the production app engine and testing with the local SDK tools.
## Contributing
Pull requests are welcome, especially to include more comic providers. Please see the [Dilbert Service](classes/DilbertService.php) (multiple sub-feeds) and [Penny-Arcade Service](classes/PennyArcadeService.php) (single feed) for examples.

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