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Using LetsEncrypt with Sinatra on Heroku
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Using LetsEncrypt with Sinatra on Heroku

This is a short and straightforward tutorial showing how to use Sinatra on Heroku with an auto-renewing SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt.

LetsEncrypt is awesome because it's believes security should be built into the web without any extra cost.

The code for this demo can be found here. There is both a before and after branch with the code before and after I added SSL respectively.

Read the full tutorial.

What this will cover

  • Create a basic Sinatra app that shows a basic Hello World message
  • Deploy to Heroku will allow us to see the app in action before we add SSL.
  • Add LetsEncrypt capabilities to the application.
  • Configure the certificate to match our domain, before we can create it.
  • Create a certificate and automatically store it with Heroku.
  • Enforce SSL so the site can no longer be served over http.
  • Schedule renewal of the certificate so you never have to get involved again.

Read the full tutorial.

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