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Update, March 2010:
This is the source of a program I wrote in 1994 for the Amiga. The
official README of this tool follows.
Banker is a program designed to help you keep an accurate track of your bank accounts.
Banker's main features include :
. Entries can be entered as you choose it. 'Amount' and 'Dates' are
the only fields that are obligatory. You are free to enter the
other ones if you wish
. Handler "automatic" entries (i.e. entries that occur regularly)
. Three output formats are available : Display Format, Print Format
and Export Format (*note Output Formats::.). You might want to
display on your screen only a limited number of information, but
may want to print the database fully (on a 132 columns printer for
example) and be able to save your file under another form
understandable by another program...
. Full 2.0 graphic user interface. I put a strong effort in this
because I feel deeply that a pleasant graphic interface makes the
difference between a program you use daily and one that is very
powerful but that you dare not even launch... gadtools is
brilliant, not perfect but hey! it's all we've got, so let's stick
to it! Banker is fully localized too (i.e. can speak several
languages, *note Installing Banker::.).
. Maximum use of the 2.0 OS features : IffParse(), ReadArgs(),
amigaguide.library, etc...
. User-definable autosave. No more data wasted because of an
unexpected power loss : Banker will save your file automatically.
. A lot more...
For more information, read the documentation in the Docs/ directory.
Cédric BEUST