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- --> done
* --> to do
* Separate preferences editor
- Use of a backdrop window so that menus are always active
* Several filenames to save, print, export
- Add a sort function
- Indicate the current file
- Provide a CLEAR
- Format of the options file
- Save window configuration
- Avoid garbage when editing an automatic entry for the first time
* Double-click
- Automatic backup
- Workbench support
- Locale support for dates
* Export WKS format
* Intermediate sum
* Delayed debit
* Arexx port
- Make OK/Cancel mean what they are supposed to
- Better handle GetMsg()'s
- Menus
* Configuration save
- Correct totals
* Signal the %D bug in the documentation
* Validate changes the order of the list
* Adjust the sizes of the gadgets for other locales
- Better sort algorithm!!!
- Use Exec functions when possible (NewList, AddTail, etc...)
- Save buildDataBase() whenever possible
- Free the previous minList before allocating a new one
- Divide handling code by two (group GADGETUP and VANILLAKEY)
* Provide resizable windows
- Position the listview gadget at the end
- Automatic : 'NEW' must insert the date
* Getentry : better design
* Better error handling
* Display the basename of the file in the title window
* Indicate the overwite mode in the windows in the documentation
* Use AllocRemember() and strdup() whenever possible
* Update the documentation regarding the date format and notices to 2.0 users
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