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package com.beust.kobalt
import com.beust.jcommander.Parameter
class Args {
var targets: List<String> = arrayListOf()
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("-bf", "--buildFile"), description = "The build file")
var buildFile: String? = "kobalt/src/Build.kt"
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--checkVersions"), description = "Check if there are any newer versions of the " +
var checkVersions = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--client"))
var client: Boolean = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--dev"), description = "Turn on dev mode, resulting in a more verbose log output")
var dev: Boolean = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--download"), description = "Force a download from the downloadUrl in the wrapper")
var download: Boolean = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--downloadSources"),
description = "Force a download of sources and javadocs when resolving dependencies")
var downloadSources: Boolean = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--dryRun"), description = "Display all the tasks that will get run without " +
"actually running them")
var dryRun: Boolean = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--force"), description = "Force a new server to be launched even if another one" +
" is already running")
var force: Boolean = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--gc"), description = "Delete old files")
var gc: Boolean = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--help", "--usage"), description = "Display the help")
var usage: Boolean = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("-i", "--init"), description = "Invoke the templates named, separated by a comma")
var templates: String? = null
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--listTemplates"), description = "List the available templates")
var listTemplates: Boolean = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--log"), description = "Define the log level " +
var log: Int = Constants.LOG_DEFAULT_LEVEL
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--logTags"),
description = "Comma-separated list of tags to enable logging for")
var logTags: String = ""
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--forceIncremental"),
description = "Force the build to be incremental even if the build file was modified")
var forceIncremental: Boolean = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--noIncremental"), description = "Turn off incremental builds")
var noIncremental: Boolean = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--offline"), description = "Don't try to download dependencies even if there is no cached version")
var offline: Boolean = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--plugins"), description = "Comma-separated list of plug-in Maven id's")
var pluginIds: String? = null
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--pluginJarFiles"), description = "Comma-separated list of plug-in jar files")
var pluginJarFiles: String? = null
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--port"), description = "Port, if --server was specified")
var port: Int? = null
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--profiles"), description = "Comma-separated list of profiles to run")
var profiles: String? = null
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--profiling"), description = "Display task timings at the end of the build")
var profiling: Boolean = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--resolve"),
description = "Resolve the given dependency and display its tree")
var dependency: String? = null
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--projectInfo"), description = "Display information about the current projects")
var projectInfo: Boolean = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--noIncrementalKotlin"), description = "Disable incremental Kotlin compilation")
var noIncrementalKotlin: Boolean = false
companion object {
const val SEQUENTIAL = "--sequential"
@Parameter(names = arrayOf(Args.SEQUENTIAL), description = "Build all the projects in sequence")
var sequential: Boolean = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--server"), description = "Run in server mode")
var serverMode: Boolean = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--tasks"), description = "Display the tasks available for this build")
var tasks: Boolean = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--update"), description = "Update to the latest version of Kobalt")
var update: Boolean = false
@Parameter(names = arrayOf("--version"), description = "Display the current version of Kobalt")
var version: Boolean = false