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Documentation available at TestNG's main web site.

Release Notes

Need help?

Before opening a new issue, did you ask your question on

If you posted on both sites, please provide the link to the other question to avoid duplicating the answer.

Are you sure it is a TestNG bug?

Before posting the issue, try to reproduce the issue in a shell window.

If the problem does not exist with the shell, first check if the issue exists on the bugtracker of the runner, and open an issue there first:

Which version are you using?

Always make sure your issue is happening on the latest TestNG version. Bug reports occurring on older versions will not be looked at quickly.

Have you considered sending a pull request instead of filing an issue?

The best way to report a bug is to provide the TestNG team with a full test case reproducing the issue. Maybe you can write a runnable test case (check the src/test/ folder for examples) and propose it in a pull request Don't worry if the CI fails because it is the expected behavior. This pull request will be a perfect start to find the fix :)

How to create a pull request?

Refer our Contributing section for detailed set of steps.

We encourage pull requests that:

  • Add new features to TestNG (or)
  • Fix bugs in TestNG

If your pull request involves fixing SonarQube issues then we would suggest that you please discuss this with the TestNG-dev before you spend time working on it.